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To cope up with the technology, many companies who published magazines built also their own social media sites where they could posts some updates and have followers and subscribers. There are top social media sites that are being used and one of them is Facebook. Many people visit the social media sites of magazines as they can find something that is posted only there that are available to subscribers or followers only. They feel the exclusiveness and so they get online for them to see.

There are other reasons why they visit the social media sites and you can see in the infographic that there are specific reasons given to Facebook users. At the last part of the infographic, you can also see the lists of the things that readers find it to add some importance and also value to the sites they are visiting that includes knowing some behind the scenes situations. You read all the infographic and you can understand more.

Advantages of digital publishing http://www.lovesexdancemagazine.com/?p=29 Tue, 23 Jan 2007 16:38:00 +0000 http://www.lovesexdancemagazine.com/?p=29 Publishing now is not just only in print but the digital publishing is also being on the rise. That is because of the effect of the environment of today. As many people now prefer to read through their gadgets or phones, there is also a need to tap that market and provide the needed supply. But if you plan to use digital publishing solely and completely erase or stop the publication in print there could be a problem. You can follow others who use both choices.

They still print copies of hard material but they have reduced them. That is because other customers and potential customers can avail it online. It is true that there are more who use their phones but still many prefer to hold their own print copy of a magazine. That is why you can still maintain the printed versions of the magazines as there are those who will look for it. there are seven reasons that are presented in the infographic why you should consider using digital publishing.

One of the advantages is when it comes to cost. The digital publishing side is lower costs than the traditional way of publishing. The use of digital publishing is also easier than the traditional way. Another advantage is that the digital content is easy to share compared to the traditional way. As social media sharing is already popular and it is a good way to spread information or a writing fast so it is a good tool.